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Google is terminating contractors in Russia

The sanctions on Russia are also extending into employment from large tech companies. Google among several others has just started to terminate Russian contractors.

Personally, it feels a bit unfair to punish regular people for the actions of a government, but at the same time I can see how Google might want to get ahead of the bad press and media hits.

If you have any Russian employees, how's your company responding? Conversely, I know many many startups and big companies have teams in Ukraine, what's your company doing for workers there?
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This seems like an odd move to me, especially since there seem to be a number of Russians who actually oppose the actions of their government...
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Why is it odd? A sanction prevents businesses in the US from performing business with a company/worker in the sanctioned state. I agree that it is unfortunate that a worker in a sanctioned country who disagrees with its government is affected by the actions of their government but this seems to be the very definition of a sanction. So what's odd about the sanction affecting business workers?