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Amazon ghosting - What to do?

I am a SDE with two years of experience in candidacy for vacancy at Amazon EU. I passed the OA and Phone Screening with flying colours but it has been more than 2 weeks since I heard back from anyone at Amazon following my Virtual Onsites. Emailed recruiter poc once and no response, the job post says under consitetation. What should I do?

For those who want to know my interview experience:
OA: Got two standard two pointer problems. Passed all the testcases quite easily.
Phone Screening: A lot of leadership principle questions + Stack question (If you've been a CS student, you know which one 🙃) + Some OS related questions.
Onsites: A lot (a lottttt) of leadership principle questions and;
2 coding rounds, one working on finding trail problem, the other with DFS through decision graphs.
1 behavioral round.
1 OS round, A lot of linux based questions.
dacutSolution Architect a year ago
From what I've heard though the grapevine, the hiring freeze on the retail side has thrown a lot of chaos into the pipeline (not supposed to disclose that there is a freeze even though there is one, etc.). Things are still going fairly hot on the AWS side, though (which creates its own sort of chaos: the position you were interviewing for was filled, but there's 200 other positions they could slot you into, just a question of which one, etc.).



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