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Can I negotiate when getting an offer for a higher internal position.

I am currently an Analyst 3 and applied for a manager 1- analyst position, I went through the interviews and got an offer. 

However, a colleague of mine (also analyst 3) recently got promoted to the same manager 1 title but is only handling one division where as this role will be multiple divisions. I do have more years in experience and technical skills in analytics vs said colleague. Do I have the grounds to ask for a higher title, pay, or should I just take it and build my skills first. 

hfq841dqBusiness Analyst at Citia year ago
If you interviewed for the job and got the offer, they obviously think you have the skills to do the job. Otherwise you wouldn't have gotten the offer. The caveat I have is making sure you know what the other colleague is doing because basing your argument for higher pay on someone eles's role is risky. What if there are things they are working on that you're not privy to? Your argument would fall flat and then you look like a jerk and not a good teammate. Be careful making assumptions.
Logic12Data Analyst a year ago
I was worried about that too, thank you hfq841dq!



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