WolfLegend in  
Business Analyst 2 years ago

Recruiters are exhausting

I am currently employed, but have had a few recruiters reach out via LinkedIn and talk about a role, ask for my updated resume and general salary requirements, and describe how things are moving fast so they will be in contact about setting up an interview. 

Overall, good conversations and my experience is a fit for the role. Also, the salary number is not on the high end, I am coming in at an appropriate range for my location, industry, etc. 

Next few days go by, no response. I reach out to see if I should be planning for  an interview date (again I am employed so i have to work around my scheduled meetings/projects) and hear back nothing. Ghosted. 

Once, I would assume the recruiter wasn't good at their job. Twice in a few weeks has me wondering if recruiters just feel like they can 'move on to the next one' if a job is filled without responding or if I am partially to blame for the lack of responses...Either way, some sort of feedback that they will noy be moving forward with me as a candidate or that they are still scheduling interviews or something would be better than nothing. That is their job; I am too busy trying to do mine to have to reach out and track status. 
h93kkfxf1Software Engineer 2 years ago
One way to make sure you dont waste your time is to give them a spiel they need to answer from the start. I use the following: 1. What is the role and what is the anticipated start date? 2. Salary range 3. Interview process 4. My preferred method of contact If they can answer these q's or provide solid information, I don't bother.