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RichNinjaย inย ย 
Mechanical Engineerย 3 months ago

Salary negotiation/ data for a full remote position


I have 2 part question about preparing for a job offer for a full remote role:

  1. How do you get estimate of salary band for a full remote role you're applying to? Typical market data is available by geographical location.
  2. How do you discuss with the employer during negotiations without having data about their existing remote employees?


LongrunSoftware Engineerย 3 months ago
Itโ€™s fair to take one of two approaches for remote roles these days-

1) you can use a site like levels and search by YOUR location or THEIR location to get two ranges as reference. Depending on the work arrangements and their remote policies, they may pay based on the cost of labor in your area versus the office location. It could be the other way around as well.

2) NEVER fold and give a number. The coaches in this forum have said it time and time again. I agree with that because you donโ€™t want to pigeonhole yourself without any info on the actual range. They are probably going to try and lowball you .