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Created a leetcode YT channel, is it a good idea ? My aim is to solve problems, and have smthng cool for resume..

I have created a new YT channel, that aims to solve leetcode problems, the reason I am doing this is actually 3 fold.

1) So, I can develop clear understanding of many leetcode problems, Because for the past 21 days I have been solving and uploading a problem daily... And I am gaining sound ubderstanding of leetcode problems. 
2) I can have something cool to mention in my linked-in and resume.
3) I can document my progress, help others and have a good impact on fellow coders...

The problem is that I want to clear FAANG interview this year, and the best I can do is to solve just one problem a day, but on the other hand I feel that I am learning lot of new skills. Like problem walkthrough, explaining my thought process... etc..

Is this a good idea????
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I did this exact same thing and am very glad I did it. I already work at FAANG, but I thought it might open up other opportunities and even generate some side income one day. Plus staying up to date on LC is a good skill.

It went completely unexpected for me and now I get paid to make videos for LeetCode.

I’d recommend choosing problems you mostly understand, but need to investigate more to really know what’s happening. That way you get practice learning new techniques and can explain them to others.

A word of advice, don’t put it on your resume. Some interviewers might intentionally ask you harder problems.



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