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The Money or the Title?

Insightful article on what to choose when at a crossroads between higher pay and a better title: https://newsletter.memesmotivations.com/p/m-and-ms-the-money-or-the-title

Tldr: Choose the money, money compounds careers
M&Ms: The Money or the Title?

M&Ms: The Money or the Title?

When I was younger and just hitting the senior engineer rank of my career, I landed an offer at one of the big banks. When we got to the negotiation phase of the offer, I made clear that I wanted the VP title and rank at the bank. Don't worry; it's not as crazy as it sounds; at the big banks, almost everyone is a VP. Being a VP at a bank is not like a VP in Big Tech, at a Startup, or at any nonbanking company.

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"This is where you want to be; upward career momentum and a reputation for punching above your weight are far more critical than most people realize. And more money can usually set both up in your favor." Just job hop and use those moves as leverage. You can change your titles on your resume if need be. No one is auditing your resume to that level of scrutiny. Do they even check references for jobs anymore?