4oHelka2Β inΒ Β 
Product ManagerΒ 2 years ago

Give me an example of a product that has great potential to succeed but why it might fail.

Got this question during an interview and wanted to see how others might answer it.

This was for a product strategy role.

fne5kc8MProduct ManagerΒ 2 years ago
Anyone remember Google Glass? Could have done well if it was launched 5 years later. Too many issues around privacy that idk if people even care about anymore. iirc, people were concerned about being recorded all the time and the irony is, our phones have MORE cameras lol. I'd probably bring this product up and talk about it in the context of 2013-14. The potential of the product, perhaps tying some of those old ideas to modern-day advances like augmented reality plays in sports/media, the flaws (price point, hardware capabilities, etc), and end with some market trend data to justify why I'd want to increase significantly in more battery life, improved image-recognition capabilities, and affordability. It needed to compete with the apple watch imo.