VanillaBean in  
Software Engineer 2 years ago

Should I do OT?

I don't like the idea of constantly working past 5, especially when my scrum meetings are at 7. But I have this coworker (same level as me) who is always staying past 5. Our manager just loves this guy and praises the guy for being so "hardworking".

Dude gotta chill. It's coding. It's about efficiency. I don't see how spending more time on a ticket means he's more "hardworking". I don't get the same praise for finishing my tickets early. Seriously unfair.

But I am worried about my promotion. Am I overthinking it? Should I ignore my manager?

TaylorSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
There is a pretty terrible work life balance problem at most start ups. Even if its not explicit it shows up in things like promotions or reviews. Something as minor as being available on slack or responding quickly can impact how you are perceived by your team and manager. In this exact case I would talk to your manager about it but make sure you are framing your questions very carefully. Saying, "X gets praise but I don't." will not work. Saying, "I see that you recognize X achievements on a regular basis. Is there anything I can do to stand out more?" They might say work later. If they do then at least you've identified what your manager is prioritizing. But they might not even realize that they don't recognize you on a regular basis. It's very very rare to see a manager recognize someone for their healthy work life balance. That is a cultural issue and its common unfortunately.
VanillaBeanSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
I like the structure of that statement! I was having trouble trying to come up with a way to mention it in the upcoming 1:1. That is definitely a good balance "You don't praise me enough" and "What am I doing wrong?" And yea, it seems rare for managers to praise a healthy WLB. Thank you Taylor!