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Data Engineer 2 years ago

Google L7/L8 interview preparation

Hello Legends.

Im a Lead Data Engineer with 15 yrs exp. Im looking to upscale my compensation and Google is my favourite. Just need some tips on how to best prepare to get there . Appreciate any help ! 

defoggerSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
Definitely prepare for system design, but also interviews at this level look for a bit of opinionated-ness. How do you make choices? What’s your attitude like in different situations? You’ll be leading, mentoring, and helping a good number of people after all. How will you work with them? How do you resolve conflicts? What are your weaknesses? Can you answer these questions with genuine introspection and self-awareness or are they canned responses.

Overall, you’ll want to come away having impressed your interviewers giving them an actual picture of who you are.
19g6wl1suk6fdData Engineer 2 years ago
Appreciate those tips. Thank you!



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