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Data Scientist Resume Guide?


So I am doing my Master in CS with specialization in Data Science.

I will be graduating Dec 2022. So currently I am looking for Full time roles.

I have been applied to companies but mostly I get a rejection.

[I am an international student here.]

I wanted an advice on what all things should be on my Resume.

I have work experience of 2 years as Data Analyst back in my home country.

I have 4 Projects in my resume, all of them are Machine Learning related projects.

Any advice on what should be specifically there on a Data Scientist Resume.?

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Hi! Some general resume advice: You should have multiple versions of your resume, each one tailored to the types of roles you're applying to. That means using specific keywords and phrases from the job description itself. So for example, if the following descriptions are found in a role you want to apply for: - Experience gathering and interpreting data from multiple sources and, - Project management experience with multiple stakeholders prioritizing projects/tasks You might translate them into: - Gathering and interpreting data from [insert relevant data sources you've used] - Project management experience with [insert the stakeholders] prioritizing [insert specific projects] If the job has "preferred qualifications", prioritize those words/phrases. That might mean taking it a step further: - Gathering and interpreting data from Workday, Tableau, Visier, Salesforce - Project management of recruiting (i.e. recruiting funnel), sales, and marketing campaign data dashboards prioritizing Tableau
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Thankyou So Much!!! This really gives a new perspective to me.



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