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What job can I do in IT

I am French and in may I will finish my PhD (mesh generation for CFD in Paris, France) and I do not know what to do next, I like computer science stuff in general (math and physic stuff) but I am also Interesting in software engineering, optimisation, ML/IA( I like coding on leetcode), let's say I am geek.  
I do not want to work for post doc job, but in firm. Does someone had the same issue and find a way to combine software engineering and science in general ? What's the best position I can work for ? 
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Capital Fund Management is a quant shop based in Paris that hires scientists. You should be aware that the company that gives you your first CDI after you obtain your PhD is eligible for a substantial tax break on the cost of employing you. (Read about crédit d'impôt recherche.) This is why you sometimes see job postings specifically for recent PhD grads, because it's very cheap to hire them. Negotiate appropriately. As a foreigner in France who just transitioned from academia (I was a post-doc) to tech, I was surprised by how hard it was to get the attention of French companies. During my job hunt I never even got a call back from a recruiter at a French company, even when my academic experience clearly qualified me for the job *and* I had an internal referral. All of my successes came at medium-to-large international companies. I think some French companies are conservative in their hiring and will look only at candidates who have the correct diploma or already have worked in the exact role for which they're hiring.
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thank you for your answer



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