RaysPT3432 in  
Solution Architect 2 years ago

Amazon level 5

What is the range for an Amazon level 5 SDE or TPM? Im currently based outside of Seattle and am thinking of interviewing with Amazon. I see a lot of negative reviews on no WLB and contant PIP pressure. Is that true? I have been in Telecom all my life and my WLB has been amazing. Is it worth leaving my current job for Amazon? I am looking for recommendations.
InspectorTotsSoftware Engineer at Gartner2 years ago
I recommend that you interview with them. Remember that interviewing is a two-way street, so it is encouraged of you to ask questions that will help you understand what working for the company and specific team is like. I have definitely heard the same things you have heard
In the same token, I am friends with an Engineering Manager at Amazon Fulfillment that has told me that they go to great lengths to protect their devs from burnout by giving good work life balance. Worst-case scenario, you interview and find out that they're not a fit but now you've got the experience of interviewing at a FAANG and possibly an offer you could use for negotiation with other companies. Long story short, avoid making life altering decisions based on hearsay.