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Computer Scienceย 2 years ago

Netflix Los Gatos vs LA

Interning there for the summer. Couldn't post this on blind since I don't have a work email so asking here haha. Really know nothing about either location, would appreciate some pros/cons for both.

bluejaySQA Engineerย 2 years ago
id say la just because for las gatos, it's too deep south bay and there's nothing really to do. for la, you got the nice warm beaches, city life, really good all kinds of food. also having friends can be a huge factor too. if you dont have friends in the bay, los gatos is not it. LA, you'll still be able to get around and do things.
15ctkytkqlnvasrSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
I grew up in south bay and lived in LA for 8 years. I cosign this.



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