momsspahgetii in  
Data Analyst 2 years ago

Starting a new job jitters. Plz help.

I'm starting my first job in tech soon. Will be at a large fintech firm that rhymes with "Padelity".

As you can see, I use humor to shake my anxiety. But every time I think about starting my job, I freak out. I feel sick and my hands start shaking a little. I'm nervous as heck and I don't want to be a sweaty mess when I go into the office on the first day.

I know some of you have had many first days before so I'm wondering what you've done to start your new job confidently. I'm an extroverted introvert fwiw. Any ideas or tips are greatly appreciated!

92mdqlIncYpSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
Have you figured out what makes you so nervous? Like, why are you so anxious and nothing has happened yet? Take some time to answer that and it might be a quick fix once you identify your triggers.
momsspahgetiiData Analyst 2 years ago
oof. Will have to think about that. Maybe being judged if I mess up?