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Veracity of Top Companies TC

I noticed that the total compensation number for some of the companies in the "Top Paying Companies" list doesn't reflect the data on that company's list of data points. For example, the Top list states that the compensation for LinkedIn is $523,000 for senior engineer, while the median is $317,000 on the LinkedIn page. In fact, there are no records of compensation over $495,000 in that list for senior engineer. Where are these numbers coming from?
Jin ChoiSoftware Engineerย atย Levels.fyi2 years ago
Thanks for taking interest in the leaderboard page! The generic leveling used for software engineers on the leaderboard (Entry, Software, Senior, Staff, Principal) conform to a standard leveling scheme we came up with at levels. There is a skill index that is calculated for all submission within the last 2 years using the company's submitted leveling. Here is a link for visuals between our Standard level and the submitted leveling for Linkedin: https://www.levels.fyi/?compare=Standard,LinkedIn&track=Software%20Engineer As you can see, almost all of the "Staff Software Engineer" leveling at LinkedIn's leveling falls under "Senior Engineer" on our standard leveling. I know the naming scheme is rather confusing, and it doesn't help that some companies have completely different naming and/or a ton more levels (ie. Microsoft). Our goal with standard leveling is to try and provide users with some level of comparison between two levels without having to rely on the given leveling title. There is also a short expandable section with the above details at the very bottom of the leaderboard! Let me know if you have any other questions