a year ago

Need Carrer Change advise

I am currently working as an email developer with 3 years of experience with less package(less than 7 LPA) and also there is nothing much to learn in terms of technology.

Now I am looking to change my job(looking for SDE roles in product-based companies) and I want to start as a fresher.

I have started preparing for the same and I have kept the timeline until Dec 2023

Now I want to know

1)It is a good idea to start as a fresher even though I have 3 years of corporate experience ( which I think is irrelevant to the jobs I am looking for)

2)How can I upskill myself to be interview ready?

madscienceSoftware EngineerΒ a year ago
I don't think there is any issue to starting as a 'fresher' with 3 years of experience. If anything, it might help you get a bit more interviews. Definitely study and prepare for your interviews, use tools like leetcode and other resources to see how companies interview SDEs because it can be a little bit wonky. Best of luck!