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a year ago

Age of 45 is it hard to get into Data Engineer or Cloud developer ? MY background is 20 years of SDET experience

Hello All,

My company gave me 2 weeks notice where my contract is coming to an end. It was unexpected and an eye opener for me. I only make 145K as a contractor that to living in Southern California and I'm content. I was thinking of getting into different technology such as Data Engineer or Cloud Developer but at the age of 45 will this be a hard task ? I do have a Java background or try to move into java development ? At this point I need a job desperately because I live paycheck to paycheck so I need short term and long term goals. Can someone give me career counseling as what would be the best route ?

SWilliamsSoftware EngineerΒ a year ago
You're not likely to find in depth advice on a forum, so I'd definitely suggest reaching out to people for resources or career coaching services. Plenty of folks on LinkedIn love offering this advice for free, it's just a matter of finding them to pick their brains. In any case, I don't think age is a factor at all when considering getting into Data Engineering/Cloud Developing. Since you have so much experience already, it'll just be a matter of learning the materials and going for it. However, IMO if you're looking for a job quick, then doing a transition might not be the best idea considering the amount of time it can take.