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Navigating the hiring process amid mass layoffs

I've been casually applying for new roles for the past couple of weeks, and have a few opportunities that look like they could pan out. I worry that if I were to accept one of these offers I would, as a very new hire, be one of the first to be let go in the event of a mass layoff.

I've considered the possibility of negotiating a contractual agreement that guarantees job security for a time, say six months. Is this a reasonable ask? Is there a precedent for this type of agreement?

Matt sypSoftware Engineering Manager a year ago
I would say it depends on the company. But in the end, I don't think most companies will do that. You can negotiate a signing bonus which usually doesn't get clawed back during a layoff.

It's a risky time so just take that into account when you make a decision. Discuss runway with the company. Ask about profitability and get a feel for financial stability. That will cut some of the risk.



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