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Software Engineerย 2 years ago

What are start-up red flags?

Hey guys, I've been in my Fortune 500 firm for about 2 years now. I joined right after college. I have no experience with startups but I want to have more autonomy in my work, so I was planning on going to a startup in 2022. Right now, I just feel like a super duper small cog in a factory and it just doesn't feel good, you know?

For the engineers who have experience working at startups, how can you tell if a startup is a good choice?

TaylorSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
Red flags: They don't have clear onboarding, tiny eng department but large departments elsewhere (if its a tech company), high eng turnover, no clear technical roadmap for next 6+ months.
Timothy NottSoftware Engineering Managerย 2 years ago
Lots of successful startups don't have clear 6 month roadmaps. Some SMBs don't have that.