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Data Scientist a year ago

Squeezed out of the market?

Hi all,

I'm a data scientist with about 10 years of experience, most recently at a consulting firm.

I took a sabbatical for personal reasons, ended up leaving my job, and began looking for a new job about 4 months ago.

The job market has been tight, and the recent layoffs obviously add to the supply of data scientists out there with big tech experience.

I saw a bunch of new postings from Apple, Google, MS, and other big companies go up recently. Do i have a chance at this or is this more of them taking a look at former tech folks only? 

Not gonna lie, I sympathize with those who were laid-off, but there already was a severe lack of positions, and I'm concerned that this rush to refer and get these folks new positions may negatively impact those already on the market. 

Are hiring managers for the still-open positions even giving cold-call applicants a chance? Or is it all referral-based with preferences for experience at a Meta or Twitter.
SpodermansData Scientist a year ago
Have you considered fortune 5000 companies? Inc has a list that you can go through to find a opportunities:
FlyingToad99Data Scientist a year ago
I’ve been looking on LinkedIn for hybrid/on-sites in my area or remote nationally. I’m really only screening out consulting firms, as I’m leaving that industry for various reasons.