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Computer Scienceย a year ago

Joining AWS later this year, should I be worried?

I accepted an offer(SDE1) from AWS earlier this year, and my joining date is by end of this year.

With the recent news about the layoffs which is going to continue to 2023 as well, and trimming the headcount at AWS, I'm getting a bit worried.

I had a few questions in mind, that would be helpful.

  • Possibility of Rescinding the offer?
  • Will they give me breathing time to prove myself, or will I be put on performance evaluation right after I join?
  • Any advice that you would like to share would be very helpful
fineate3Project Managerย a year ago
There's always a possibility of rescinding an offer so accept it if you haven't already and lock in the start date. If you think you have the rapport with the hrm, I would ask these questions and try to get straight to the point. They too are feeling the pressure.



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