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Product Manager a month ago

Product Roadmap in FAANG Companies

Our company has recently went through major layoffs and started changing internal processes for product managers. Leadership keeps telling us that we going to be doing things now like Amazon, Google and other top tech, however not providing any specifics.

Interested to learn what product roadmapping tools used outside of PowerPoints and G-slides. We currently use Jira Align, but nobody knows if this is a good practice or not.

bluelagoonSoftware Engineering Manager a month ago
At Amazon people write docs. Search for ‘OP1 process Amazon’. Source: ex Amazonians and current ones.

At Meta, there is no one favored process but most teams use a variant of OKRs + Roadmap. My org at Meta uses a combination of strategy docs + OKRs + roadmap. Source: myself and coworkers 🙂

Google is usually heavy on OKRs. Source: ex Google senior director and current goggle EMs

Atlassian is usually using OKRs. Source: ex Atlassian.

Happy to talk more about pros and cons of each. All are usually heavily metric driven. Maybe that’s the shift for you folks. The core principles matter more than the tool used.

Feel free to ask me questions if you’re curious.

odamigandaProduct Manager a month ago
How do they track progress on the OKRs, let’s say at google?



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