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Product Roadmap in FAANG Companies

Our company has recently went through major layoffs and started changing internal processes for product managers. Leadership keeps telling us that we going to be doing things now like Amazon, Google and other top tech, however not providing any specifics.

Interested to learn what product roadmapping tools used outside of PowerPoints and G-slides. We currently use Jira Align, but nobody knows if this is a good practice or not.

pV4DawTsAtACxFbeWZProduct Manager a year ago
I would take a step back here and note that just doing things “like FAANG” is what pushes a lot of legacy BigCos into trouble.

Vague OKRs, enforcing culture on people, thinking these are silver bullets.

I see this a lot in junior PMs, thi king that FAANG PRD templates will solve core org design issues.

To be quite frank IMO your leadership needs to first hire people who can rework the entire culture and processes. Otherwise it will be the same thing just with some new extra tools.
AFAIKProduct Manager a year ago
This ! Your PA is solving the wrong problem. Tools and tech at end of day is just a means to an end. There needs to be clarity of thought and if paper and pen works to get that, use that.



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