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Full time job vs Internship

So I am a second year Computer Science student. Even though I haven't fully decided, I will specialize in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In the last summer, I joined a boot camp for Full Stack Java Developer and now I am about to be employed for a one year contract. 
- Is this a good choice to pursue my bachelor's degree in computer science while being employed full time? 
- How is it going to affect my future employment for AI and Robotics if I am now working as web developer?
- With this, I might not be able to apply for internships. Will the potential employers choose a working experience rather than internships when I apply? 

All inputs are appreciated :)
Kausthub KrishnamurthyMachine Learning Engineer a year ago
Do not walk away from your degree. That sounds like a killer degree that'll give you really solid employability for a long time.

I can attest to that (I'm a BE Hons Robotics, BSc Computer Science, MSc Computer Vision & ML).

You don't need to walk away from the job though if you can handle both in your time table. You'll have to negotiate that with work and the university, and make sure you have a good dupport network with family and friends.

It WILL be hard work but worth it because the experience writing production code will help even if it is Web development (so many differences between that and robotics).

My advice:

1. Try and do both.

2. Not possible? Do uni full time and work part time.

3. Not possible? Do uni part time (extend your degree by deferring some subjects) and work part time.

4. Not possible? Finish your degree - you've come so close that you might as well! Especially if it's in robotics.

There will ALWAYS be Web dev jobs out there tbh so don't let fomo get you carried away. The pay is much better now but the pay-off of having relevant qualifications for specialised skills is much better in the long run.

DM me any time if you want other ideas. Reach out in LinkedIn (I check it a lot more).
AlphaaComputer Science at Central Piedmont Community Collegea year ago
Thank you for your thoughts. I'll definitely contact you through LinkedIn.



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