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Software Engineer at Facebook2 years ago

Do most startups now give you an option slider between base / stock before making an offer?

I've noticed that almost every post Series A startup now gives me an option for how much stock options I want vs cash. I can choose base heavy salary or I can choose more stock and less salary. I actually care a bit less about salary so I'm inclined to choose more stock.

Can I negotiate in this case since the ratio might be fixed? You think it might be possible to ask for the most salary + the most stock? Best of both worlds haha

Interestingly, I feel like it could be cool to get a list of companies that do this because they are likely early stage and have good growth potential

antisocialplatypusFull-Stack Software Engineer 2 years ago
Can’t hurt! The worst they say is no, and then you know you didn’t leave any money on the table. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯