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Companies are rejecting me because I don’t have BSc degree

Hi all, this thing have been bothering me for days now based on how much job application rejections I've been getting and i think the reason why i was rejected is because i don't have a BSc degree,

i know that based on my experience and my confidence in my skills if i had a BSc degree attached to my resume, at least 2 of my applications will get accepted

I have seen this in effect in the current company i am working for when i was negotiating my salary, the HR asked me if i have BSc degree but i said no that i only have an associate degree, and that caused my salary to go below the amount it was supposed to be.

Though i am planning on going for a BSc degree now, but does this worth something to get worried about when applying for software development jobs
bringeeRecruiter a year ago
If the job posting lists a Bachelor's degree as part of the BASIC qualifications, then you'll almost certainly need one to be considered. There's a lot of HR/Legal crap that goes on behind the scenes with that kind of stuff, but at Amazon where I used to work (and my current, anonymous, company), it's a legal requirement for us to hire someone with a Bachelor's if the job posting has it listed in the basic qualifications. If it's listed in the PREFERRED qualifications section (or not listed at all), then it's not necessary. As far as I know, the degree is the only thing in the basic qualifications that actually legally required if it's listed. Other things like X years of experience in Y technology or whatever aren't legally binding.
pseudo0x636F646572Full Stack a year ago
Thanks for your response, I’m beginning to get more understanding about it



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