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Data Scientistย a year ago

Amazon offer chaos

Recently attended L5 interview and got down leveled to L4. The recruiter started with my location and comp preference. Then set up a call with couple of interested teams for matching. (P.S: gave me too much hope that they really want to take me in and all)

After speaking to them all, I conveyed my preferences to the recruiter. 2 days later I received a call, saying the position is filled and would I be okay with my next preference. I said yes. Then another couple of days later came up with a new roadblock for that role too. Again another call to convey the location is an issue when they said the day before it's totally fine.

Not sure what's happening. Should I even expect any offers at all at this point? Or is it quite common? Please help me out here in understanding.

DreamFyreSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Amazon has over hired for this quarter and because of hiring freeze from all other faangs, attrition rate has been low at Amazon... This is expected... You can expect an offer but it might take time
WalternateData Scientistย a year ago
Yeah that makes sense.



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