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Software Engineerย a year ago

Aurora vs NYC Series A Startup Internship

I am very lucky to get a software engineering Internship offer ($52/hr + relocation to Mountain View) from Aurora Innovation, and an offer (w/ almost equal pay) from a series A startup in NYC. Both companies are in the robotics field with very talented teams. I very, very, very much enjoy the interview process with the startup, and it seems to have a very supportive community. This will be my final internship, and I wonder which experience will be better for career advancement.

7c8CMicASoftware Engineerย a year ago
Some things I'd consider: - is there product market fit at the startup? Regardless of what others say, I am of the belief that brand names carry weight and being affiliated with them in some way will create opportunities in your career in ways you just can't anticipate. That said, Aurora is the safer bet and in an industry thats prime for a resurgence in the next decade. - on the flip side, Aurora hasn't been performing well, as the auto industry has been impacted by global market forces. The next year or two will be challenging and anything could happen. We saw Argo fold this year which was very unexpected. Startups are in prime position to take advantage of the influx of talent and bringing the expertise from big tech to the startup world may be the injection of momentum that gets investors excited. TLDR: I'd go with Aurora as the safest bet but if you want a wild ride and the chance to dabble in lots of things, the startup would be a solid choice.