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Product Manager 2 years ago

Salary Review?

Hey folks,

I was recently interviewing at Grab and have been offered as Lead PM. The offer is as below

Base 150K SGD
RSU 26K SGD (First year) 
RSU 18K SGD (2nd Year)
RSU 12K SGD (3rd Year)
RSU 6K SGD (4th year)
Performnce bonus 39K SGD 
Total 1 Year comp (220K SGD)

I make 75 LAcs a year in India 

Should I move to Singapore? 
What is the cost of living in Singapore if I want to move with my spouse? 

Is it a good offer?

19g616l11sr2s8Product Manager 2 years ago
I got my final offer

All in SGD
Base 180k
Bonus 36k
RSU 56k (40-30-20-10)
Sing on bonus 15k
Relocation 12k
Felxi benefits 4.3k

I feel it is a good offer but would love you get your opinion.
astronautFounder 2 years ago
That's a much better offer. Unless you have another offer in hand I'd take this. It's much easier to get something else once to move once you're in the country.

Beware: if you accept the offer, DO NOT QUIT your current job until you have an approved Employment Pass. The EP approval is not guaranteed and it does not depend on Grab. Same goes when you're changing jobs while on EP (it's a new request each time).



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