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Technical Program Managerย 2 years ago

No Salary Range

Interviewing for a role at a startup and dealing with a 3rd party recruiter in the middle. After a successful meeting with one of the founders, the recruiter repeatedly asked me to throw out a salary range.

I said I didn't have one this early in the process and once again asked if they had a salary range for the position. She said they did not, and that I was the first candidate to be interviewed for this entirely new role (Product Manager).

She was also being extremely insistent. The whole situation felt sus - I said if they needed a salary range from me right now then I was taking myself out of the running. It seemed like she was looking for candidates to dictate the salary rather than formulate one.

Should I have done something else? What do you think was happening there?

PadThaiSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
It seems like such a lie that they don't have a range for you. It's only natural that they have set aside a budget for this role. I think you are right and it does feel sus. Recruiters shouldn't make you feel uncomfortable! If I were in your shoes, I would have high-balled the range using the data points from Levels.
19g6xkw1caynfTechnical Program Managerย 2 years ago
I know, right? I like the startup, I find the recruiter extremely off-putting. Also, I am still learning about the role and what they need and how those needs will change. I've had one conversation about this role - how do they expect me to set the salary?