P2mi1 in  
Computer Science 2 years ago

What is the darkest part of a software engineer’s career?

Biggest thing for me was/is overcoming imposter syndrome. The fear of failing, being shunned by your teammates or worse, being undervalued and cast aside as an "underperformer" and getting a PIP... it can make for a very dark time until you emerge as your true self and realize you're more than what other people perceive and it's up to you to show your own brilliance.

19g616kyj4miswFrontend Software Engineer 2 years ago
1. Working in an environment where empathy, care and consideration are never regarded as important as someone's ability to analyze, architect and mansplain all day every day. 2. Having to actively engage with overly-assertive personalities, loud voices and strong opinions because that's the only way people in this industry (non-gender exclusive) believe will make their voices heard. 3. Always some dose of toxic masculinity, i.e. narcissism, controlling, power-hungry, attention-grabbing, emotionally unintelligent 4. Enduring the lack of accountability from other engineers who are too tenured or entitled enough to care about how their work will impact others. So they do a half ass job and always replay 3 hours late to slack messages.