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Embedded Systems Software Developer 2 years ago

Crypto Startup Offer

Hey guys! I've been in the procedure with a crypto startup (<3yr established) for a while now. The work looks awesome and the vibes are good.

However, we also have to think of our livelihood as engineers. And I've found their offer to be, quite honestly, almost insultingly low considering that I have close to 10 years of experience and would have to move to Amsterdam from a cheaper city.

The full package is something like: 65k salary, < 1% equity (off ~750k valuation by my rough estimations), and some performance-based bonus with no indication of how much that would be in % of the base comp. They promised excellent cash and stock compensation, this sounds like anything but that.

What do you guys think of this? How would you approach it? Is it even enough to get by in AMS without pinching pennies? Should I approach the equity component as potentially going to zero as far as negotiations go?
NotThereYetSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
So, I was able to get the company to sort-of revise their offer. They were able to provide clear valuation of the equity and bonus components now. In total, I’m happy with the value of the full package.

On the other hand, I’ll try to give up some bits of equity to get to a base salary that I’m more comfortable with.
NotThereYetSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
If it all works out. The lessons I’ve learned are: never ever ever give a compensation number (for as long as you can without lying) or the value of any of your tradables (and when doing so, “round” generously up, as that’s not really lying).

Getting them to flat out and very clearly put everything down in numbers also worked amazingly.