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Product Manager 2 years ago

Customer Success Manager vs Product Manager

Hello Wise people,

I am preparing to break into crypto space as a product manager. I have 9 years of experience as business analyst and two
years of product management experience. All of my past experiences have been in various industries and mostly in edtech.
Other than self studying about crypto I dont have any industry experince, either in crypto or any fintech in general 
I feel that I will not get any traction if I apply to any Web 3.0/crypto/blockchain companies ( think coinbase!).
Here are my questions:
1. I am thinking to get into customer success manager role in my prefered crypto company and then transition to PM internally. Please help me understand how different is a CSM role from a PM role? 
2. Is there anyone who has recently moved in a crypto related company in a PM role without any prior fintech/ crypto experience? How did you do it?
3. For folks who might be currently working as PMs in crypto companies, how is the work life balance? Is it too crazy? 
4. Any ideas on how to prepare for breaking into crypto space without prior experience in the domain other than self studying? Any ideas on getting started on side projects?
5. What are some crypro domain companies that you would recommend applying to who are open to accepting candidates that dont have industry experience?

Thank you so much!!
raisinbranSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
Customer success is pretty vastly different from PM in my experience. Different expectations entirely. I guess what they share is clarity in communication (written and otherwise)



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