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Jobs and Salary data for Research Engineer aka R&D Engineer roles


I am currently in a "Research Engineer" role where I do research - investigate new areas, invent new methods, file patents, do applied research, as well as use my engineering skills to advance existing research/assist other senior scientists by developing software prototypes with a lot of room for me to add any new methodology/fill any research gaps/suggest new directions.

How do I find data on similar roles in other industries, payscales and position levels? lists only software engineering/development levels and payscales. It will be difficult to ascertain my market value or target a role without this information. | Salaries & Tools to Level Up Your Career | Salaries & Tools to Level Up Your Career

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We’re working on getting better support for various roles and titles. But we do currently have a Research Scientist title filter under the Software Engineer role which you can browse through here:
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Thanks @zuhayeer. However, Research scientist roles are different - they have a minimum Phd+post-doc requirement, highly research focussed and are more oriented towards publications and writing proposals.