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Software Engineer a year ago

Getting into Project Management.

Being a technical Mainframe Developer, how can I transition into Project Management role. At my current organization I don't think I'll get into Project Management role. Thinking of switching to other organization for project management but then I'm not experienced in project management. Any advice on how to make it into Project Management roles?
19g615kv74lk9yMarketing a year ago
If you do well at online courses, I’d suggest looking into Google’s Project Management Professional Certificate through Coursera - Once you have this credential & understand what project management really entails, look for internal technical program/project manager roles & introduce yourself to the hiring manager; speak about your experience so far & desire to bring your technical skills to Project/Program Management & that you’ve read up (on Pj/gM) & would love to be considered - if not for the role, for short-term projects to sharpen your skills. If you’re a reader, i’d suggest “Strategic Project Management Made Simple” by Terry Schmidt, “Project Management Handbook” by Harvard Business Review & “Managing Projects Large & Small” by Harvard Business School Press. Hope this helps a little :)
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Thanks for the info buddy.



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