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Data ScienceΒ 18 days ago

Right Career Path

I am graduating soon with a PhD in Biomedial Informatics. I did not get enough time to apply for jobs because of my research pressure, though applied for a few. Recently, I have received an offer for a Post-Doc position from one of the worlds leading biotech company. This is a 1-2 year position with a total compensation ~115 K (not in CA). Will I pick this or wait for parmanent Data Scientist position? I have some solid cash to support me for 3-4 months without a job.
nearchosData ScientistΒ 18 days ago
If I were you I'd just go for the post doc position and do job searches there, rather than having nothing
DataSlayerData ScienceΒ atΒ Clemson University18 days ago
That makes sense. My question is that are Industry post docs considered as solid industry experience for career growth ?



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