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TPM Career Growth @ FAANG

Hey Levels Community:

For TPMs or folks interested in the TPM career path at FAANG, what are some things you're interested in knowing more about? I'm putting together some topics to share more about, but curious what you'd be most interested to see. From a small sample size survey, I'll share some things that I think would be of interest, but would love to hear more from you.

  1. What is a "good" TPM TC @ FAANG for IC4-IC7 and M0-M2?
  2. How do I get better ratings?
  3. I feel stuck at my current level and not sure why I'm not getting promoted - how do I expedite/increase the chances of a promotion to the next level?
  4. What happens behind the scenes in performance reviews, how do ratings get assigned, and how do promotions work?

Anything else?

AMZ808Technical Program Manager 2 years ago
What’s your TC, level, team you are on, YOE and last rating? Any comments from last review you can share?
MetamanTechnical Program Manager at Facebook2 years ago
I’ll give as much info as possible, but given my preference is to remain anonymous, maybe not everything 🙂
TC at current stock price: >420k
Level: M2/IC7
YOE: >10
Last rating: GE

Comments from last review:
1. more experience and insight on giving GE ratings and promos to my team. Specifically, ensuring a promotion packet is strong and building alignment ahead of performance reviews to ensure the packet goes through with minimal friction
2. Process to get “additional equity / discretionary equity”



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