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Tips to write high performance code quickly and land commits / PRs faster

Hi guys, I recently underwent a performance review and it came out to be positive however i tend to work with a colleague of mine who's a perfectionist, he needs the code to be working fine always and doesn't allow any mistakes at all.

I've noticed that I work much slower because of the pressure this person puts on me and I mean it kind of makes sense because our product is very fast paced and he's trying to ensure higher code quality but anyhow here is my question.

Do you guys have a really good roadmap or steps I can follow to write well functional code faster I've noticed that my pace keeps moving up and down which is fine sometimes but I tend to slow down quite a bit a lot of times leading to me slowing down my colleague I mentioned above.

I work with LLMs mainly (gen AI team) and primarily work with python , flask and fast API (mainly)
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Smaller commits are easier to review which means a quicker review cycle. I think there's less pressue when the commit is smaller as well since it's easier to review all of it at once by yourself before even submitting it for review.