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Best Path to Product Manager Out of School

Hi all, I'll be starting a masters in Info Systems in a few months with the eventual goal of getting into product management. By the end of the program I'll have completed at least one data consulting internship. 

Im wondering what the best path to product management is. I saw a post on here that said its important to get skills around creating specs and being comfortable working with people, but I'm not sure what those jobs would be.
Obviously I know an APM/RPM program would be ideal but since they're so competitive, I'm looking for alternatives.

Any advice would be much appreciated!
1zm00utkpoisergProduct Manager 2 years ago
alternatives are typically working on side projects or smaller companies where you can show experience dealing with users, making decisions based on principled prioritization, and working with various stakeholders. typically product is about being the voice of the customer, while understanding how to get things done/executing, and working towards a greater vision/having a principled approach to problem solving. and often at smaller companies, or by working on your own side projects, you get the ability to do all those things. hope that helps



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