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Work USA

Hi! Does anyone know how I can get a job in the US as European citizen?

Thank you!

bluelagoonSoftware Engineering Managerย atย Facebook2 years ago
A few options, all hard to get:
* get a US company to hire you and sponsor a H1-B visa. H1-B is massively oversubscribed, you have to go through a lottery. Even if you get it, your spouse cannot work in the US
* Diversity visa or green card lottery may be accessible depending on where you were born. Low chance.
* work for the company in Europe then get transferred to their US branch. IMO highest chance of success though you need to work at least one year in that company before you apply and there are lots of other rules.

I recommend you talk to an immigration lawyer, US immigration laws are super complicated
JBxploraInvestment Bankerย 2 years ago
Thank you for your answer!



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