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Matching bonus at New employer

I have my annual bonus that pays out in Mar-mid April time frame. It's the same time when my RSU's vest as well. I live in Texas but am looking to find a job in Atlanta since my spouses job is moving to ATL and I want very much to be supportive.

Question - If I were to get an offer before my current annual pays out (before Apr 1), what are the chances of the new employer accomodating the annual bonus I would otherwise lose out? How many of you have had success with that and what should I ask HR of the new employer?
Pl note, I am not referring to the unvested RSU stock which I hope the new employer will match .

Thanks much as it will help me clarify the timeline to do job hunting 
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BachalehSecurity Software Engineer a year ago
I had a similar situation. My new company was unable to match the bonus so they agreed to delay my start date so I can get my bonus from the previous company before leaving.

In your scenario, if the new employee is unable to match the bonus, you should ask if your current employer allows you to work remotely until they pay out your annual bonus. Presumably, the bonus outweighs your pay raise in the new position for that period.



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