19g6vl28zspr0 in  
Management Consultant 2 years ago

AWS L7 TC Baseline - IC vs M

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone had any benchmarks for TC for a L7 IC and Manager

I am in a unique position where I have a choice of two roles but they are advising that the M banding isnt different from the IC banding and Id like to make an informed decision. 

qwertyCoderSoftware Engineer at Amazon2 years ago
The bands are roughly in line. That said just because the bands are the same doesn't mean you'd land the same in both bands. If you're more experienced as a manager you may land higher in Management band and vice versa. Honestly if it were me I would be deciding more on type of role rather than on comp.
19g6vl28zspr0Management Consultant 2 years ago
Thanks qwertycoder that’s helpful.

It’s slightly nuanced in the fact that I’ve been given a offer on the IC role but I’m aligned to the Manager role in terms of expertise. I’ve re-looped and they’ve now offered on the Manager role and have effectively said they would offer the same at M as they did at IC