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πŸ“š Vector DBs - The next tech you need to master

Vector DBs are gonna be the next hot technology backend engineers will need to be comfortable using with the AI revolution underway. What is a Vector DB? A DB optimized for vector storage and retrieval. It's similar to how a Graph DB is optimized for search network graphs (ex. FB, LinkedIn, etc all use various forms).

Vectors are how ML / AI model 'encode' information. When you use ChatGPT, it's doing a vector search to find and predict the next word it needs to print.

This is a very watered down explanation but the point of this post is to encourage everyone to learn a bit more about them. Here's a good resource for starting: https://www.pinecone.io/learn/vector-database/

What is a Vector Database? | Pinecone

What is a Vector Database? | Pinecone

The nature of vector embeddings require new methods of storage and retrieval. We need a new kind of database.

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Thanks for the tip! AI world is heating up and its important we don't get left behind!