scotchtapeΒ inΒ Β 
Software EngineerΒ 2 years ago

Why do companies send generic rejection emails with no feedback whatsoever?

If companies are already documenting positive/negative evaluations, couldn't they spend 5 minutes to just copy and paste the feedback from the interviewers in the email?

Better yet, why not design the interview evaluations such that the feedback is helpful to candidates? Like a scorecard? Do you think they are trashing people in the evals and so they keep it secret? Are they worried about getting sued for defamation or something? I dont get why it's not more transparent. Anyone have insight into why they insist on keeping that feedback to themselves?

19g6ul2t4w0siSoftware EngineerΒ 2 years ago
I thought it was mostly for liability sake, one wrong word in the email can cause some trigger for litigation. It's just not worth it.
ElleRecruiterΒ 2 years ago
From my experience recruiting at Microsoft, this is exactly why we were instructed not to send this feedback. As I see mentioned below, it was also just a time and workload issue considering number of candidates we were working with already.