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Product Manager 2 years ago

PM looking to expand skillset.

Hi all,

Currently a rising junior in college. Going to be working as a PM intern for a large, public tech company (not MAANG) this summer.

For example, should I be learning SQL, Figma, Tableau, etc. or focusing on learning computer science (Python, Data Structures, Algorithms, etc.)?

I'm not sure if I should be looking to expand my current skillset (non-technical) into computer science or learning 'PM skills' in general.

Any guidance/help is appreciated. Thanks.

Doowuu9Product Manager 2 years ago
PM can look different at different companies so in my experience, make notes on what you like/don’t like in the program so you can tailor your job search. Sometimes companies call product owners PMs and while technically that’s true, the day2day is totally different. POs deal with the backlogs versus PMs who focus on discovery. Just depends on your interests



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