Raisi96 in  
Software Engineer 6 months ago

Ignored at team matching stage at Google

Back in March I was told that I passed my onsite and would be moving to team matching. 

However, I haven't done any interviews yet, at first, whenever I follow-up with my recruiter he gives me a promise but when the time comes and passes and I follow up again, he says ["soon we will have an update", "we should have an update by Friday", "I will update you within two days"].

The last email he responded to was in May 10th saying he will update me within two days. And it did not happen, I sent 4 follow up emails and got no replies at all.

Does it mean I'm no longer considered?
cookies983Machine Learning Engineer 6 months ago
Just wait, that's part of the googliy test. If you are rejected, your recruiter will tell you. And if he's no longer at Google, someone else will take over.

You can also reach out to hiring managers on LinkedIn asking them to consider you if you really want to be matched fast. But besides this I don't think there are anything else you can do at this point
anonymouslymeSecurity 6 months ago
Nagging a recruiter to give you a status update is a part of the googily test? I just gave up in the past when I was in a similar position and got tired of following up. I just assumed Google was a very disorganized place to work at that point. 



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