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Future Coworker asking me to "work" before Start Date

I accepted an offer for my next job in the beginning of the month but my Start Date is not until next month. My unofficial lead reached out to me via text msg to congratulate me but also is asking if I could do some "preparatory reading" on what I'll be working on but also adds that it's not necessary. I ignored the text but he sent me a 2nd identical msg a week later.

There's many ways to go about addressing this. I could go to HR, my VP, or respond directly. What are some thoughts and any advice? I'm curious about outcomes, working relationships, and anything else I may be overlooking. Thanks!

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I don't think there's any need to be abrasive at this point. He/she clearly said that it's not necessary. Just reply 'Thanks for sending this over! I'll try and take a look!'. It makes no guarantees on your part and still maintains a good relationship with the lead. Why start friction unnecessarily? Also it'll only be helpful for yourself to hit the ground running by doing some light prereading. You don't have to do anything super extra. You have two weeks. 1-3 hours doing some light reading beforehand won't kill you.



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