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Verified Salary Stream for PM?

Does the "Verified Salary Stream" bi-weekly email for Product Management roles actually exist/get sent out? I have subscribed several times over the past few months and never received this particular email, or any emailed confirmation that I subscribed successfully. Not sure if there is a glitch in my signup or this just doesn't exist yet (or you have no data?)


Is anyone receiving these successfully or could someone from the Levels.FYI team comment?

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zuhayeerFounderΒ atΒ Levels.fyi2 years ago
It's not a glitch, we just haven't sent a PM Salary Stream yet given how much lower our verified submissions are for PMs. Admittedly we're actually even a bit behind for our Software Engineer newsletter too since we try to take some time to write in some analysis under each offer. That said, planning to get the PM, product design, and data science newsletters off the ground very soon! Do help us spread the word so we can get more verified offers: https://levels.fyi/addcomp.html Thanks for bearing with us πŸ™
19g6uky2ch9j0Product ManagerΒ 2 years ago
Makes sense, thanks a lot for the explanation/update. Looking forward to seeing those!



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