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Data Analyst a year ago

Recruiters ghosting you too?

I had multiple interviews with a company who said they would get back to me in two weeks. 

That was 4 weeks ago. 

Multiple followups and still no response.

I get why you’re doing it. You don’t want to say no to the candidate because they're good, but you want to keep looking. And you don't want to tell the candidate you're still looking because you're worried that will communicate a negative message. You also have a lot of candidates to keep track of.

But you’re making your company look bad by being non communicative and non transparent.

Im not asking for an essay or a confession. All you have to do is say, "You're awesome and we still have some candidates to interview. If we still haven't made a decision in the next week, we'll update you to let you know that we're still interviewing."

It’s that easy.

Or if they're not the right fit, just say no so everyone can move on.

Stringing candidates along is a drain on everyone and it doesnt have to be this way.
LABTechnical Recruiter a year ago
I’m the Director of Talent Acquisition at a SaaS company and situations like this drive me crazy. I totally agree that honesty and transparency are the best way to handle. It’s nerve wracking for the candidates who are left wondering what’s up and it gives Recruiters a terrible reputation when they ghost people.

Just playing devils advocate, but with all the news about companies eliminating their entire recruiting staff, are you 100% sure the Recruiter you’ve been working with is still employed by the company?
ffSoftware Engineer a year ago
"are you 100% sure the Recruiter you’ve been working with is still employed by the company" I assume they're not working with just pen and paper and it's not that difficult to hand over in-progress work. There are tons of tools that assist in collaborative hiring. It's always been mind boggling to me that companies spend tons of money on candidate acquisition and then manage to blow it up like that.