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Software Engineerย 2 months ago

How to apply

Im currently working my first job out of college as an SWE with 1 yr 9 mo experience now, have updated my resume with current responsibilities, and applied to ~70 SWE2 positions I came across on linkedin (since SWE1 positions were not available at the time) but only for FANG and other big companies and for at least 1.5x my current pay TC; Ive also reached out to ~20 recruiters. I havent gotten an interview with any of those 70 applications and had a phone call with 1 out of the 20 recruiters with no follow up. What should I be doing differently? Should my resume be more impressive? Should I check certain boxes in applications to increase my odds of getting an interview? Should I lower my position/salary expectations? Are there certain seasons during the year where companies are more/less likely to hire younger, less experienced talent? Gimme the playbook for at least getting an interview.
madscienceSoftware Engineerย 2 months ago
My first inclination is that you have a bit too low of experience for SWE2 at FAANG level. From what I've seen, most SWE2s usually have 3+ YOE, so you're close, but not quite there. Otherwise, what have you been seeing from the job descriptions and how does it relate to the skills you currently have? Is your experience lacking in anything that's mentioned in the descriptions you're applying for?